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Mark Boy Announces Our New "Spider" Bucket Lift

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Mark Boy, owner of Lakeside Tree Experts, announced the addition of our new "Spider" Bucket Lift which will allow us to position ourselves in areas around your home, buildings, other trees or even extreme angles property and complete the tree trimming or tree removal that you need on your property. Its tracked chassis proves versatile and non-damaging across sodded lawns or surfaces with fragile or sensitive pavers. The low machine weight is a major benefit in both reducing floor loading and improving mobility. Most importantly, its articulated boom design combined with the smooth computer enhanced, electric over hydraulic controls make the machine easy to operate and smooth in movements. The team at Lakeside Tree Experts would like to assist you in managing your trees in the areas that either you could not get a professional, insured quote for or you've always been nervous about having a tree service try and get those trees out. You can call or text Mark Boy directly at 706-371-3669.

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