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Products and Services

Lakeside Tree Experts, LLC is your full service tree and land grading company offering tree removal, trimming, planting, insurance claims, and land grading for residential or commercial projects!  Our fleet of equipment is unmatched in Northeast Georgia and South Carolina which allows us to get the job that you need on your property done right.  
Tree Removal and Tree Trim
  • Tree Removal - We are your local Hartwell, Georgia, specialist in tree removal. Fully insured and utilizing the correct equipment to precisely, properly and safely remove dangerous trees without any guess work.  

  • Trimming and Pruning - Our experienced and qualified team uses proper trimming and pruning techniques, specializing in properties on Lake Hartwell, Georgia and surrounding Hart County areas.

  • Emergency Tree Service - We are always available in the event that an emergency occurs in the Hartwell, Georgia area.

  • Storm Damage – Our skilled team can safely and efficiently remove fallen and damaged trees from those rain and wind storms that come through Hart County, Georgia.

Tree Removal
Corp Property Underbrushing

We understand the importance of maintaining the beauty of the 962 miles of Lake Hartwell, Georgia shoreline.  No guess work! We have experience with the team at the Corp to insure that the work done on your lake front property is in accordance with their regulations.

  • Maximize the use of your corp property.

  • Get the most out of the view from your home.

  • Support your Corp by following the guidelines established.

  • Keeping Lake Hartwell beautiful.

Land Grading
  • Lakeside Tree Experts provides comprehensive land grading, grounds development, and tree care services on commercial properties across Northeast Georgia. 

  • In the Hartwell, Georgia and surrounding areas, we your best choice for small to large land grading work to facilitate foundations for residential or commercial develpments.

  • We have the right equipment and expertise to insure that you land grading "dream" and the reality of the what your end results goals are, can be done within budget.

  • The area can immediately be enhanced simply by adding some grading that will move earth, trees and other challenges that are preventing your project from moving forward.

Land Grading
Land Clearing
  • If you're looking to clear your lot to make more space, expand your yard, or you're planning to build on the site, Lakeside Tree Experts in Hartwell, Georgia has land and lot grading and clearing services that you can depend on.

  • Watch your land go through a complete transformation - from unruly vegetation to a picturesque lot.

  • No matter the size of your lot, we work vigorously to ensure your property is cleared by your deadline. 

  • No matter how steep the hill or how flat the land on your property, we are capable of grading and clearing land of any formation.

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