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Preparing for Spring with Tree Trimming and Removal

As the winter months come to an end, it’s time to start preparing for springtime in the Northeast Georgia area. One of the most important steps to take is tree trimming or removal on your property. This is especially important if you live on or near lake Hartwell and surrounding areas, as the trees in these areas can suffer damage due to wet and cold weather conditions. Here’s a look at why tree trimming and removal are so important after winter months subside.

Tree Trimming After Winter Months Subside

When harsh winter weather subsides, it’s time to perform some necessary tree maintenance

by trimming any overgrown branches. Trees are living organisms, so they respond differently than other plants when exposed to extreme temperatures. They may be more susceptible to disease and pest infestations, or their growth may be stunted from having suffered from severe frostbite during the cold season. Mark Boy, at Lakeside Tree Experts, can inspect your trees and recommend the best method to deal with problems that may have arisen over the last 3 - 4 months. By trimming away dead or dying branches or limbs, you can help your trees regain their natural shape and promote healthy growth throughout the year. Additionally, regular trimming helps maintain a desirable appearance that makes your property look well-maintained and cared for.

Tree Removal Services

In some cases, there may be extensive damage done to a tree during the winter months that cannot simply be addressed through pruning or trimming alone. For example, if a heavy rain or windy days caused one of your trees to split in half or become uprooted entirely, then you will need professional tree removal services before attempting any further work on the tree itself. You can click HERE to request a quote from Lakeside Tree Experts in the Hartwell, Georgia area. In these cases, it is best to leave it up to an experienced arborist who can evaluate the situation correctly and safely remove any damaged trees on your property while taking measures to prevent further harm being done in the process.

In conclusion, if you live in lake Hartwell and surrounding areas, then taking care of your trees after winter months subside is essential for promoting healthy growth and preventing future damages from occurring throughout spring and summertime as well. Regularly pruning away overgrown branches or hiring professional services for completely uprooted or split trees will help keep your property looking beautiful year round! Go to the Lakeside Tree Experts website ( to get all the information and details from Mark Boy or call 706-371-3669.

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